Ryan Hagemann

Legal Counsel

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Ryan J. Hagemann
Legal Counsel

Oregon University System
P. O. Box 3175
Eugene, OR 97403


Ryan J. Hagemann was appointed Legal Counsel and Secretary to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education on July 31, 2006. Previously, he served as Secretary to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education since May 24, 2004.

As Legal Counsel, Mr. Hagemann represents OUS and its individual campuses as in-house counsel, and serves as a primary contact attorney for the regional campuses, including Southern Oregon University, and Eastern Oregon University, in addition to the Oregon Institute of Technology.

As Board Secretary, Mr. Hagemann oversees the administration of the Board's office and serves as official spokesperson, information source, and liaison on Board matters, manages preparations for all Board meetings, supports Board members by facilitating their duties and interests, supervises Board office staff, and serves as recorder and repository of the official record of the Board.

Prior to joining the Oregon University System, Ryan J. Hagemann served as Assistant Attorney General with the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) beginning in 2001, where he represented and advised all state agencies on labor and employment matters. His responsibilities there also included representation of Oregon's seven public universities. Prior to his work with the DOJ, he served as Associate Director of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs at the University of Oregon, Law Clerk for the Office of the General Counsel at the University of Oregon, Instructor of public speaking and legal topics for the University of Oregon and Whitman College, Admission Officer for Whitman College, Outreach Coordinator at The Communitarian Network, and Assistant Director of the Speech and Debate Program at Whitman College. He has published and presented papers and speeches on a number of legal subjects involving higher education diversity and affirmative action, admissions, advising, and financial aid.

Mr. Hagemann earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon where he served as Associate Editor of Oregon Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Mr. Hagemann is originally from Hermiston, Oregon.